Scepter C®

Occlusion Balloon Catheter
Scepter C® Compliant Balloon offers clinical applications in four key areas: Balloon-test Occlusion, Balloon Remodeling, Stent Delivery, Liquid Embolic Injection

Scepter C® Specifications:
Balloon Diameter (mm) x Balloon Length (mm)
• 4x10
• 4x15
• 4x20
*2-5 mm working diameter

Balloon Remodeling and Balloon Test Occlusion:
• Dual lumen design
• Lumen can accommodate up to 0.014" guidewire
• Rapid inflation and deflation

Stent Delivery:
• Balloon remodeling and stent delivery without catheter exchange

Liquid Embolic Delivery:
• DMSO compatible
• Max burst pressure = 700 psi
• Hydrophilic coating on balloon for reduced friction and improved navigation in tortuous vessels

*Compatible with MicroVention's Traxcess® guidewire and LVIS® Jr. stent

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